Cierra Raine Sorin, MAUCSB Graduate Intern
PhD Student in Sociology
Feminist Studies Doctoral Emphasis

Cierra Raine Sorin, MA, is a doctoral student in Sociology with a Feminist Studies emphasis at UCSB. For her master’s research, she studied the ways in which BDSM practitioners in the U.S. learned about and enacted consent, as well as how they responded to consent violations. She is currently examining the intersection of anti-violence practices with men’s performances of masculinity in BDSM communities, and has also written about the role that California’s affirmative consent laws have played in creating better sex education for students across the nation. As a primarily qualitative researcher, Cierra’s interests include sexual consent and education, communal and structural prevention of and response to sexual violence, and the intersectional relationship between gender, sexuality, race, and violence.

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