University of California Coalition for Reproductive Justice (UCCRJ)

University of California Coalition for Reproductive Justice (UCCRJ)

Mission and Goals:

The UC Coalition for Reproductive Justice (UCCRJ) aims to broaden the accessibility of reproductive justice through legislative efforts, community education and awareness, and intersectional empowerment for survivors. UCCRJ is dedicated to creating an inclusive space for all members  that promotes equitable access to support and resources, amplifies survivors’ voices, and encourages positive growth and development. UCCRJ also strives to empower the greater community to share responsibility for bringing awareness to sexual harassment, assault, and violence,  along with fighting for reproductive justice.

Overview of Work:

  • The UCCRJ is actively pursuing a policy initiative to secure access to Sexual Assault Forensic Examinations (SAFEs) on all UC and CSU on-campus health centers. Thus far, UCCRJ has authored state legislation and secured the support of dozens of stakeholders, including non-profits and elected offices across California. While the UCCRJ is currently addressing research questions, funding options, and legalities, the policy itself is set to be introduced to the California state legislature in early 2022. To complement their state policy initiative, UCCRJ has launched a comprehensive public awareness campaign that aims to educate and mobilize victims/survivors and allies in an intersectional and trauma-informed way.
  • Alongside advocacy work, UCCRJ focuses on providing a survivor centered internal structure that focuses on uplifting the holistic wellness of  all members and the greater UCLA community. Initiatives like wellness events, community conversations about transformative justice and healing spaces aim to support this aspect of our work.
  • UCCRJ also focuses on campus-specific policies and initiatives such as implementing Callisto, advocating for Title IX reform, and increasing access to resources for survivors of sexual violence. Callisto is an online service that allows survivors to document and timestamp testimonies of their assault without filing an official report, and it also helps survivors connect with other resources they might want such as legal help. We advocate for Title IX policies to be survivor-centered and more inclusive of all identities outside of the typical white and heteronormative view of sexual violence. In addition to this work, UCCRJ also works to educate students about different campus resources for survivors and the different avenues of reporting sexual violence as well as creating inclusive healing spaces.
  • In an effort to build a positive community relationship between UCLA students and UCCRJ’s work, the organization focuses greatly on community outreach. This outreach has led to positive conversations about transformative justice, accessibility of campus resources, and creating survivor-centered spaces across UCLA. In addition to this outreach, UCCRJ also works to build cross-campus coalitions with other UC and Cal State schools. Throughout our legislative journey, this cross-campus coalition building has proved to be very successful and has allowed the organization to receive feedback from other institutions on our legislative efforts.

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