UC Speaks Up: An Assessment of the Climate for Sexual Violence Prevention, Education, and Response on Three University of California Campuses, a final report to the California Department of Public Health
Report prepared by: David Stoddy Carey, Claire Amabile, Stephanie Sumstine, Sean Sugai, Olivia Almon, Eunhee Park
Project Investigator: Jennifer Wagman
Co-investigators: Dallas Swendeman, Laury Oaks, Rebecca Fielding-Miller

Student, Staff and Faculty Perspectives of Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence on Three Public University Campuses: The UC Speaks Up Protocol
Jennifer A. Wagman, Claire Amabile, Stephanie Sumstine, Eunhee Park, Sabrina Boyce, Jay Silverman, Rebecca Fielding-Miller, Laury Oaks, Dallas Swendeman

Graduate students’ knowledge and utilization of campus sexual violence and sexual harassment resources
Brittnie E. Bloom, Cierra Raine Sorin, Laury Oaks, Jennifer A. Wagman

Employees, Advisees, and Emerging Scholars: A Qualitative Analysis of Graduate Students’ Roles and Experiences of Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment on College Campuses
Brittnie E. Bloom, Cierra Raine Sorin, Jennifer A. Wagman, Laury Oaks

Student-Athletes’, Coaches’ and Administrators’ Perspectives of Sexual Violence Prevention on Three Campuses with NCAA Division I and II Athletic Programs
David Stoddard Carey, Stephanie Sumstine, Claire Amabile, Heather Helvink, Cierra Raine Sorin, Dallas Swendeman, Eunhee Park, Jennifer A. Wagman

Student-Athletes and Athletic Department Staff Speak Up About Preventing Sexual Violence in the University of California Athletic System
Jennifer Wagman, David Stoddard Carey, Claire Amabile

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