The Thriving Initiative

The Thriving Initiative


The Thriving Initiative is dedicated to inspiring resilience in response to violence by promoting holistic community healing initiatives. 


The Thriving Initiative exists to increase access to alternative forms of community healing for those affected by violence. We primarily work to support survivors of interpersonal violence (stalking, sexual assault, dating/domestic violence) and their allies. We strive to center our programs around our core values to be survivor-oriented, community-centered, integral, inclusive, and innovative. 

Overview of Work:

We house workshops and programs for survivors and their allies, two of our programs include: Thriving, Not Just Surviving and Community Cultivations. Thriving, Not Just Surviving is designed for student survivors of interpersonal violence (sexual assault, stalking, sating/domestic violence). Through a seven-week, specialist-led, workshop series participants build community, and gain exposure to a variety of coping techniques without ever sharing or discussing their past experiences. Meanwhile, Community Cultivations provides survivors of any type of violence and their allies a space and the materials to create a visual representation of their healing and foster community through horticulture. 

The Thriving Initiative was also recently approved as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


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