Research Methods


We are using a multi-method approach to assess the knowledge, attitudes and factors surrounding healthy relationships and well-being and the prevention of sexual assault, sexual harassment and dating violence on three University of California (UC) campuses: UC Los Angeles, UC San Diego, and UC Santa Barbara. This study involves an in-depth examination of the interplay of individual, interpersonal, and structural (cultural, community, and institutional) factors that shape intimate relationships and sexual and interpersonal violence among UC students on these three campuses.

We are exploring the perceptions of students (undergraduate, graduate and professional), as well as faculty members, staff and administrators, and community stakeholders (such as staff from local rape crisis centers) as they pertain to sexual and intimate relationships ad how the campus and surrounding environment promotes safety and interpersonal well-being.

We are using multiple qualitative and quantitative research methods to achieve the goals of our research project, including:

  • Cultural consensus modeling – to evaluate the cultural relevance of our research topics
  • Free-listing interviews – to collect rapid data on how students define sexual consent
  • Online surveys – to gather systematic data on sexual consent items generated from free-listing interviews
  • In-depth interviews – to learn from student, staff and faculty experiences and insights
  • Targeted focus group discussions – to explore a range of views and identify social norms
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