Elaine Chan, BAUCLA Graduate Intern
MD Candidate at David Geffen School of Medicine

Elaine Chan, BA, is currently in her third year of medical school at UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, with a strong interest in reproductive health and mental health. Her past research interest focused on contributors to resilience in the aftermath of school shootings at the UCLA-Duke University National Child Trauma Stress Network. Currently, she is using social media to analyze patient experiences at California’s Crisis Pregnancy Centers. Elaine’s experience includes facilitating domestic violence survivor support groups with Sojourn, coordinating peer led sexual health education with UCLA’s Sex and Cookies, and supporting the health of students and peers experiencing homelessness with Bruin Shelter. She currently serves as a UCLA student ambassador for the UC GHI WHGE-COE and a graduate student intern for the “UC Speaks Up” project.

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