Aaliyah Sade Murphy, MAAlumni
UCLA Undergraduate Intern
Majors in World Arts and Cultures (Emphasis in Arts Activism) and Global Health

Aaliyah Sade, RYT-200, EMT-B, graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts in World of Arts and Culture: Arts Activism, with minors in Chicanx Studies and Global Health. She is a yoga instructor and birth doula, with 500+ hours of mental health, wellness, and yoga training under her belt. She is trained in Brazilian Theater of the Oppressed, having used ‘TO’ methodologies in her work as a UCLA Sex Squad mentor, educator and facilitator. Her interests include healing, health, and empowerment, specifically: the reclamation of indigenous ways of knowing, sustainability, environmentalism, trauma-informed yoga and meditation, arts-based global health interventions, transcultural connections, and the creation of “brave-spaces”. At UCLA, she was affiliated with the UCLA African Studies Center, UCLA Art and Global Health Center and was an active research intern with the UC GHI WHGE-COE. She aspires to become a holistic health practitioner-researcher and medical doctor specializing in OB/Gyn, eventually working within the global health realm and opening an Empowered Birthing Center.

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